Various Artists - Male Jazz Singers - 10 CD Walletbox
Various Artists - Male Jazz Singers - 10 CD Walletbox
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Various Artists - Male Jazz Singers - 10 CD Walletbox

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Genre: Jazz

"What A Wonderful World Of Jazz Singing" could well be the subtitle of this collection of 21 top jazz singers and their recordings, which were recorded between 1946 and 1962. The musical spectrum is as dazzling and complex as these singer’s personalities, coming as they were from all ends of the infamous American Melting Pot and having roots in all the main ingredients of American pop music: in the blues of the Mississippi and the metropoles, the swing of the Jazz Age and the black ghettos and the New York ballrooms, the Bebop and Cool Jazz of the West Coast of California.
Louis Armstrong, the greatest Jazz star of all time, is featured with a tribute to Fats Waller, another great singer, pianist and composer. Count Basie’s singers Jimmy Rushing and Joe Williams can be heard with rare albums, while Basie gives us a perfect masterpiece of his craft with the singer Billy Eckstine, in whose own big band all the greats of Bebop had found a home in the 1940s. Jimmy Witherspoon and Al Smith rejoice in and proclaim the healing powers of the Blues. With the "Vocalese"-masters King Pleasure and Eddie Jefferson we meet the vocal ancestors of singing trios like Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, and Andy and the Bey Sisters. Bey, born in 1939, is the only one among the singers on these recordings still alive and is also among the greatest of his art in the 21st century. Chet Baker, Mark Murphy, Mose Allison and Jackie Paris are individualists, who oscillate between Cool and Sophisticated Blues. Black hipsters like Slim Gaillard and Babs Gonzales lead the way to Oscar Brown Jr., who gave voice to a completely new self-confidence with his songs from the ghetto and the everyday life of the Afro-American community at the beginning of the 1960s. He became a role model for later generations such as those of Gil Scott-Heron, Terry Callier and many others.
If you should miss one of your favorite singers, please note that at least twenty other masters from this time are just asking for an encore release.
Featuring: Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Andy and the Bey Sisters, Oscar Brown Jr., Count Basie, Joe Williams, Mose Allison, Jimmy Rushing, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bill Henderson, Mark Murphy, Johnny Griffin, Little Jimmy Scott, Eddie Jefferson, Slim Gaillard, Al Hibbler


CD 1

Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars CD 1
- Louis Plays Fats

1. Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller) 2.56
2. Blue Turning Grey over You 4.56
(Razaf, Waller)
3. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (Hill, Waller) 4.29
4. Squeeze Me (Williams, Waller) 5.07
5. Keepin' out of Mischief Now 3.23
(Razaf, Waller)
6. All That Meat and No Potatoes 5.17
(Kirkeby, Waller)
7. I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling 3.13
(Rose, Waller, Link)
8. (What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue 4.40
(Razaf, Waller, Brooks)
9. Ain't Misbehavin' (Razaf, Waller, Brooks) 4.02

Louis Armstrong (tp, voc) Velma Middleton (voc,
tracks: 1, 4) Trummy Young (tb) Barney Bigard (cl)
Billy Kyle (p) Arvell Shaw (b) Barrett Deems (drs)
Recorded April 26th, 1955 to May 3, 1955

Jimmy Rushing and his Orchestra
- Little Jimmy Rushing and the Big Brass

10. I'm Coming Virginia (Heywood, Cook) 2.21
11. Knock Me a Kiss (Mike Jackson) 2.45
12. Harvard Blues (Frazier, T. Smith) 3.12
13. Mister Five by Five (Raye, De Paul) 2.02
14. Trav'lin' Light (Mundy, Mercer, Young) 2.52
15. June Night (Just Give Me a June Night, 2.53
the Moonlight with You) (Baer, Friend)
16. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Billy Mayhew) 2.39
17. Rosalie (Cole Porter) 3.46
18. Jimmy's Blues (Jimmy Rushing) 3.29
19. Someday Sweetheart (Spikes, Spikes) 3.05
20. When You're Smiling (The Whole World 2.39
Smiles with You) (Goodwin, Shay, Fisher)
21. Somebody Stole My Gal (Leo Wood) 3.49

Jimmy Rushing (voc) Bernie Glow, Buck Clayton,
Doc Cheatham, Emmett Berry, Mel Davis (tp)
Dickie Wells, Frank Rehak, Urbie Green,
Vic Dickenson (tb) Earl Warren, Rudy Powell (as)
Buddy Tate, Coleman Hawkins (ts) Danny Bank (brs)
Nat Pierce (p, celesta) Danny Barker (git)
Milt Hinton (b) Jo Jones, Osie Johnson (drs)
Recrded in New York City in February 1958

Total Time 73.36

CD 2

Al Hibbler
- After The Lights Go Down low

1. After the Lights Go Down Low 2.43
(Lovett, White)
2. You Will Be Mine (Al Sears) 2.31
3. Dedicated to You (Cahn, Chaplin, Zaret) 3.07
4. Song of the Wanderer (Neil Moret) 2.25
5. Tell Me (Leroy Lovett) 2.48
6. I'm Travelin' Light 3.03
(Mercer, Mundy, Young)
7. Autumn Winds (Sidney Gerwitz) 2.32
8. This Is Always (Warren, Gordon) 3.16
9. Now I Lay Me Down to Dream 3.16
(Fiorito, Howard)
10. If I Knew You Were There 3.03
(Bushkin, Berle, Arnold)
11. I Won't Tell a Soul I Love You 3.14
(Parker, Clark)
12. The Blues Came Falling Down (trad) 2.58

Ab Hibbler (voc) various personnel: Billy Kyle (p)
others unknown on April 19, 1950; with the Billy Taylor
O rchestra on October 25, 1950, with the Jimmy Mundy
O rchestra on June 27, 1951 and in 1956 with the Leroy
Lovett Orchestra

King Pleasure
- Golden Days

13. Moody's Mood for Love 2.59
(McHugh, Fields)
14. The New Symphony Sid (King Pleasure) 3.03
15. Don't Worry About Me (Bloom, Koehler) 2.58
16. Little Boy, Don't Get Scared 2.27
(King Pleasure)
17. Parker's Mood (King Pleasure) 2.52
18. Golden Days (King Pleasure) 3.49
19. Tomorrow Is Another Day 4.41
(King Pleasure)
20. No, Not Much (Stillman, Allen) 5.15
21. All of Me (Marks, Simmons) 3.07

King Pleasure (voc) Matthew Gee (tb)
Harold Land, Teddy Edwards (ts)
Gerald Wiggins (p, arranger)
Wilfred Middlebrooks (b) Earl Palmer (drs)
Recorded in Hollywood, CA on June 20, 1960

Total Time 66.10

CD 3

Jimmy Witherspoon
- at Monterey

1. No Rollin' Blues (Jimmy Witherspoon) 5.35
2. Good Rockin' Tonight (Roy Brown) 2.27
3. Big Fine Girl (Jimmy Witherspoon) 4.55
4. Ain't Nobody's Business 6.31
(Jimmy Witherspoon)
5. When I Been Drinkin' 5.38
(Jimmy Witherspoon)

Jimmy Witherspoon (voc) Roy Eldridge (tp)
Woody Herman (cl)
Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins (ts)
Earl 'Fatha' Hines (p) Vernon Alley (b)
Mel Lewis (drs)
Recorded at Monterey Jazz Festival on October 2, 1959

Al Smith
- Hear My Blues

6. Night Time Is the Right Time (Al Smith) 4.19
7. Pledging My Love (Johnny Ace) 2.30
8. I've Got a Girl (Al Smith) 4.34
9. I'll Be Alright (Al Smith) 3.57
10. Come on, Pretty Baby (Al Smith) 2.58
11. Tears in My Eyes (Al Smith) 6.02
12. Never Let Me Go (Johnny Ace) 5.13
13. I've Got the Right Kind of Lovin' 3.25
(Al Smith)

Al Smith (voc) Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (ts)
Shirley Scott (org) Wendell Marshall (b)
Arthur Edgehill (drs)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs,
NJ on September 20, 1959

Total Time 58.07

CD 4

Count Ba sie / Billy Eckstine CD 14
- Basie / Eckstine Incorporated

1. Stormy Monday Blues 3.14
(Eckstine, Hines, Croder)
2. Lonesome Lover Blues 3.12
(Billy Eckstine)
3. Blues, the Mother of Sin 3.43
(Eckstine, Kuller)
4. Jelly Jelly (Eckstine, Hines) 3.07
5. Don't Cry Baby 3.35
(Johnson, Bernie, Unger)
6. Trav'lin All Alone (J.C. Johnson) 2.57
7. Little Mama (Eckstine, Kuller) 3.31
8. I Want a Little Girl (Moll, Mencher) 3.28
9. Drifting (Brown, Moon, Williams) 4.01
10. Song of the Wandering (Neil Moret) 3.25
11. Piano Man (Eckstine, Kuller) 4.08

Billy Eckstine (voc) Count Basie (p) Joe Newman,
Snooky Young, Thad Jones, Wendell Culley (tp)
Al Grey, Benny Powell, Henry Coker (tb)
Marshall Royal (as) Frank Wess (as, fl)
Billy Mitchell, Frank Foster (ts)
Charlie Fowlkes (brs) Freddie Green (git)
George Duvivier (b) Sonny Payne (drs)
Recorded in New York City on May 22 and 23, 1959

Joe Williams / Harry "Sw eets"
Edison - Together

12. Together (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson) 1.53
13. Deep Purple (Parish, DeRose) 2.31
14. Always (Irving Berlin) 2.19
15. Lover Came Back 2.15
(Herbert, DeGrosac, Smith)
16. By the River Sainte Marie 2.27
(Leslie, Warren)
17. Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz) 1.53
18. Winter Weather (Ted Shapiro) 2.32
19. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) 2.52
(Turk, Ahlert)
20. There's a Small Hotel (Rodgers, Hart) 2.40
21. Out of Nowhere (Heyman, Green) 4.08
22. Aren't You Glad You're You 2.00
(Burke, Van Heusen)
23. Remember (Irving Berlin) 2.35

Joe Williams (voc) Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp)
Jimmy Forrest (ts) Sir Charles Thompson (p)
Tommy Potter (b) Clarence Johnston (drs)
Recorded in 1961

Total Time 68.26

CD 5

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
- High Flying with the Ike Isaacs Trio

1. Come on Home (Horace Silver) 5.31
2. The New A B C (Dave Lambert) 3.08
3. Farmer's Market (Ross, A. Farmer) 2.34
4. Cookin' at the Continental 3.09
(Horace Silver)
5. With Malice Towards None 2.51
(Hendricks, McIntosh)
6. Hi-Fly (Randy Weston) 3.48
7. Home Cookin' (Horace Silver) 4.28
8. Halloween Spooks (Dave Lambert) 2.20
9. Popity Pop (Slim Gaillard) 4.50
10. Blue (Gildo Mahones) 3.52
11. Mr. P. C. (John Coltrane) 3.20

Annie Ross, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks (voc)
Gildo Mahones (p) Ike Isaacs (b)
Jimmy Wormworth (drs)
Recorded in Chicago on March 13 and 14, 1961

Andy And The Bey Sisters

12. Trees (Kilmer, Rasbach) 3.12
13. Revenge (Sharp, Kent) 1.59
14. On the Sunny Side of the Street 1.49
(Fields, McHugh)
15. Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back) 2.01
(Mauge Jr.)
16. Mood Indigo (Ellington, Bigard, Mills) 3.31
17. It Must Be So (Leonard Berstein) 2.05
18. You Can't Be Mine Anymore 2.32
(Mark Lewis)
19. Dreamy (Garner, Shaw) 2.52
20. Smooth Sailing (Arnette Cobb) 2.19
21. A Felicidade (Jobim, Moraes) 2.53
22. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 2.47
(Ellington, Russell)
23. Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson, Dixon) 2.22

Andy Bey (voc, p) Geraldine & Salome Bey (voc)
Chet Atkins (musical director)
Recorded in Nashville in 1961

Total Time 70.14

CD 6

Chet Bak er Sings CD 6
- It Could Happen To You

1. Do It the Hard Way (Rodgers, Hart) 3.04
2. I'm Old Fashioned (Kern, Mercer) 5.07
3. You're Driving Me Crazy 2.57
(Walter Donaldson)
4. It Could Happen to You 2.54
(Burke Van Heusen)
5 My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers, Hart) 3.28
6. The More I See You (Warren, Gordon) 3.09
7. Everything Happens to Me 5.06
(Dennis, Adair)
8. Dancing on the Ceiling (Rodgers, Hart) 3.09
9. How Long Has This Been Going On? 4.11
(G. & I. Gershwin)
10. Old Devil Moon (Lane, Harburg) 2.59

Chet Baker (voc, tp) Kenny Drew (p)
George Morrow (b: 1, 2, 5, 7, 8) Sam Jones (b: 3, 4, 6,
9, 10) "Philly" Joe Jones (drs: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10)
Dannie Richmond (drs: 3, 4, 9)
Recorded in New York City in August, 1958

Mark Murphy

11. Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis) 3.13
12. On Green Dolphin Street 3.44
(Kaper, Washington)
13. Stoppin' the Clock (Landesman, Kral) 3.11
14. Spring Can Really Hang You up 3.49
the Most (Landesman, Wolf)
15. No Tears for Me (Huddleston, McIntyre) 3.12
16. Out of This World (Arlen, Mercer) 4.48
17. Milestones (Britt, Davis) 2.31
18. My Favorite Things 2.17
(Rodgers, Hammerstein)
19. Doodlin' (Silver, Hendricks) 3.30
20. Li'l Darlin' (Hendricks, Hefti) 5.02
21. Twisted (Ross, Gray) 2.27

Mark Murphy (voc) Bernie Glow, Blue Mitchell,
Clark Terry, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder (tp) Jimmy
Cleveland, Melba Liston, Urbie Green (tb) Barry
Galbraith, Sam Herman (git) Bill Evans, Wynton
Kelly (p) Art Davis, George Duvivier (b)
Jimmy Cobb (drs) Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios,
New York, in September and October 1961

Total Time 73.50

CD 7

Little Jimmy Scott
- All Over Again CD 17

1. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child 2.10
2. An Evening in Paradise (???) 2.10
3. If I Ever Lost You (Jimmy Scott) 2.10
4. I'm Afraid the Masquerade Is Over 2.10
(Wrubel, Magidson)
5. Please Forgive Me (???) 2.10
6. How Else (???) 2.10
7. If You Are But a Dream 2.10
(Jaffe, Fulton, Bonx)
8. The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern) 2.10
9. Things That Are Love (???) 2.10
10. Everybody's Somebody's Fool 2.10
(Keller, Greenfield)
11. Once (???) 2.10
12. What Good Would It Be (???) 2.10

Jimmy Scott (voc) David Mankovitz, Isadore Zir
(viola) David Soyer, Felix Orlewitz, Julius Brand,
Julius Held, Seymour Miroff (violin) Bucky
Pizzarelli, Charles May, Hy White (git) Howard
Biggs, Robert Banks (p) Abie Baker, Al Lucas,
Lloyd Trotman (b) Maurice Brown (cello) Bobby
Donaldson, Norris Shawker (drs) Recorded in New
Y ork City December 1, 1959, January 13 and April 7, 1960

Eddie Jefferson
- Letter From Home

13. Letter from Home (Keepnews, Mance) 2.10
14. Take the "A" Train (Mignone, Strayhorn) 2.10
15. Billie's Bounce (Jetkins, Parker) 2.10
16. Back in Town (Jefferson, Moody) 2.10
17. Soft and Furry (Jefferson,Griffin) 2.10
18. A Night in Tunisia (Mignone, Gillespie) 2.10
19. Things Are Getting Better 2.10
(Jefferson, Adderley)
20. Keep Walkin' (Jefferson, Cobb) 2.10
21. I Feel so Good (Jefferson, Moody) 2.10
22. Bless My Soul (Parker's Mood) 2.10
(Jefferson, Parker)

Eddie Jefferson (voc) Clark Terry, Ernie Royal,
Joe Newman (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) James
Moody (as, fl) Johnny Griffin (ts) Arthur Clarke
(brs) Barry Galbraith (git) Joe Zawinul, Junior
Mance, Wynton Kelly (p) Sam Jones (b) Louis
Hayes, Osie Johnson (drs) Arranged by Ernie Wilkins
Recorded in New York City from December 1961
to February 1962

Total Time 73.56

CD 8

Jackie Paris
- The Song Is Paris CD 18

1. Duke's Place 2.44
(Ellington, Roberts, Katz, Thiele)
2. If Love Is Good to Me (Spielman, Evans) 3.16
3. Jenny (Bobby Scott) 3.23
4. My Very Good Friend in the 2.54
Looking Glass (Robert Allen)
5. 'Tis Autumn (Henry Nemo) 3.45
6. Nobody Loses All the Time 2.07
(B. Scott, J. Scott)
7. Everybody Needs Love 3.25
(Passman, Medley)
8. Cherry (Gilbert, Redman) 2.42
9. Thad's Blues (Thad Jones) 3.33
10. Tonight (From West Side Story) 2.34
(Bernstein, Sondheim)
11. Cinderella (Stay in My Arms) 2.30
(Kennedy, Carr)

Jackie Paris (voc) Bobby Scott (arranger,
conductor: 1 to 5) Bill Hammond (fl: 1, 4, 5) George
Dessinger (bassoon: 1 to 5) Phil Bodner (as, fl: 1, 4 to 6) Romeo Penque (fl, as: 1, 4, 5) Art Cerv (f-horn: 1, 4, 5) Don Corrado Ray Alonge, Dick Berg (f-horn: 1, 4, 5) Barry Galbraith (git: 1, 4 to 6) Jackie Paris (git: 7, 9, 11) Hank Jones (p: tracks: 7 to 11) George Duvivier (p: 1, 4, 5, 7 to 11) Roy Haynes (drs: 7 to 11) Sol Gubin (drs: 1, 4, 5) Songs 1, 4, 5 recorded January 26, Songs 2, 3 recorded January 22, Song 6 recorded January 24,
and Song 7 to 11 recorded May 8, 1962

Mose Allison
- Swingin´ Machine

12. Swingin' Machine (Mose Allison) 2.31
13. Do It (Mose Allison) 4.36
14. Stop This World (???) 3.26
15. Promenade (Mose Allison) 5.12
16. If You're Goin' to the City (Mose Allison) 3.50
17. Saritha (Mose Allison) 5.00
18. I Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues 3.58
(George, Ellington)
19. So Rare (Sharpe, Herst) 5.04

Mose Allison (voc, p) Jimmy Knepper (tb)
Jim Reider (ts) Addison Farmer (b)
Frankie Dunlop (drs)
Recorded in New York City in 1962

Total Time 66.31

CD 9

Bill Henderson

1. Never Kiss and Run 4.00
(LaDrue, Rene Dononcin, Bill Engvick)
2. Bewitched (Hart, Rodgers) 3.41
3. Sweet Georgia Brown 2.44
(Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)
4. I Can't Give You Anything but Love 3.45
(Jimmy McHugh)
5. Twelfth of Never (Livingston, Webster) 3.27
6. My, How the Time Goes By 4.27
(Leigh, Coleman)
7. Sleepin' Bee (Arlen, Capote) 4.27
8. The More I See You (Warren, Gordon) 2.29
9. Old Country (Lewis, Adderly) 3.43
10. Am I Blue (Clark, Akst) 2.52

Bill Henderson (voc) Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9:
Orchestra arranged by Jimmy Jones, Bernie
Leighton (p) Milt Hinton (b) Elvin Jones (drs)
3, 10: Eddie Higgins (p) Richard Evans (b) Marschall
Thompson (drs) Track 6: Count Basie Orchestra
feat. Nat Adderley, Snooky Young, Thad Jones (tp)
Eric Dixon (ts) Marshall Royal (as, cl) Freddie
Green (git) Bernie Leighton (p) Milt Hinton (b)
5: Tommy Flanagan (p) Freddie Green (git)
Milt Hinton (b) Elvin Jones (drs)
Recorded between December 8, 1960 and April 25, 1961

Slim Gaillard
- Opera In Vout

11. Opera in Vout Part 1-2: Introduzione 5.22
Pianissimo (Alston, M. Tobert)
12. Part 3: Andante Cantabile in Modo 2.55
De Blues (Duke Ellington)
13. Part 4: Presto Con Stomp 3.51
(With a Floy Floy) (Slim Gaillard)
14. Puerto-Vootie (Slim Gaillard) 2.40
15. Momma's in the Kitchen but We've Got 2.41
"Pop" on Ice (Kaye, Manning)
16. Communications (Ricks, Gaillard) 2.31
17. Serenade to a Poodle (Ricks, Gaillard) 2.19
18. Laughin' in Rhythm (Slim Gaillard) 2.56
19. Sabroso (Slim Gaillard) 2.29
20. Yip Roc Heresy (Slim Gaillard) 2.34
21. Chicken Rhythm (Slim Gaillard) 2.33
22. I Can't Give You Anything but Love 2.42
(Mc Hugh, Fields)
23. Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me) (Mayers, Hattori) 2.35
24. Potatoe Chips (Carr, Bunora) 3.10

Slim Gaillard (voc, p, git) Ben Webster, Buddy Tate
(ts) Taft Jordan (tp) Bam Brown, Ernie Shepard
(voc, b) Clyde Lombardi, Ray Brown (b) Dodo
Marmarosa, Dick Hyman, Maceo Williams, Cyril
"Spider" Haynes (p) Herbie Lovelle, Charlie Smith,
Milt Jackson (drs) Pepe Benque (bongos)
Recorded between April 22, 1946 and December 1952

Total Time 76.56

CD 10

Babs Gonzales
- Tales Of Manhattan

1. The Hat Box Chicks (Babs Gonzales) 3.24
2. Broadway - 4 A.M. (Babs Gonzales) 2.50
3. You Need Connections (Babs Gonzales) 2.20
4. 'Dem Resolution Liars (Babs Gonzales) 2.53
5. Manhattan Fable (Babs Gonzales) 2.38
6. 'Dem Jive New Yorkers (Babs Gonzales) 4.22
7. The Squares (Babs Gonzales) 3.09
8. A Dollar Is Your Only Friend 2.58
(Babs Gonzales)
9. The Cool Cat's Philosophy 3.46
(Babs Gonzales)
10. Ole Braggin' Freddie (Babs Gonzales) 2.33

Babs Gonzales (narrator) Melba Liston (arranger,
conductor) Kenny Burrell (git) Peck Morrison (b)
Roy Haynes (drs) Recorded in 1959

Oscar Brown Jr.
- Sin & Soul

11. Work Song (Brown Jr., Adderley) 2.34
12. But I Was Cool (Oscar Brown Jr.) 2.56

13. Bid 'Em High (Oscar Brown Jr.) 1.30
14. Signifyin' Monkey (Oscar Brown Jr.) 4.00
15. Watermelon Man (Oscar Brown Jr.) 2.39
16. Somebody by Me a Drink 3.07
(Oscar Brown Jr.)

17. Rags and Old Iron (Oscar Brown Jr.) 3.44
18. Dat Dere (Brown Jr., Timmons) 2.52
19. Brown Baby (Oscar Brown Jr.) 3.08
20. Humdrum Blues (Oscar Brown Jr.) 2.03
21. Sleepy (Oscar Brown Jr.) 2.31
22. Afro Blue (Brown Jr., Santamaria) 2.44

Oscar Brown Jr. (voc) Billy Butterfield, Joe Wilder
(tp) Joe Solde, Phil Bodner, Walt Levinsky (sax)
A. Cernett, Don Arnone, Everett Barksdale (git)
Alonzo Levister, Bernie Leighton, Floyd Morris (p)
Frank Carroll, George Duvivier, Joe Benjamin (b)
Bobbie Rosengarden, George Devens, Osie Johnson,
Panama Francis (drs)
Recorded in New York City between June 14 and
October 23, 1960

Total Time 64.44