Jim Hall - Greatest Jazz Guitarists - Original Albums - 10 CD Walletbox

Jim Hall - Greatest Jazz Guitarists - Original Albums - 10 CD Walletbox

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Born in Buffalo, New York, Jim Hall (1930-2013) was one of the most influential and sought after jazz guitarists since the late '50s. Thanks to his stylistic versatility, on any given day in New York he was able to record with Blues veterans in one studio, then at a Bossa Nova session in another one, and explore new sound concepts with uncompromising avant-gardists in the clubs at night.

Growing up in a very musical family, he received his first guitar at the age of ten. Three years later he heard Charlie Christian, the “inventor” of the electrical jazz guitar, on a Benny Goodman recording – an epiphany that sparked his love for jazz. Remarkably, his most important role models were the great tenor saxophonists: Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Paul Gonsalves, and Lucky Thompson.

He studied composition, music theory, guitar and double bass, (and took lessons in classical guitar) at the Cleveland Institute of Music. In 1955 he ventured into the jazz scene of Los Angeles, where he quickly made his mark in the quintet of drummer Chico Hamilton. He released a number of chamber music-oriented albums with the trio of multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Giuffre, that are among the milestones of their time. Hall also worked in a similar vein with John Lewis, the pianist of the Modern Jazz Quartet. His truly wonderful albums "The Wonderful World Of Jazz" and "Jazz Abstractions" are part of every respectable jazz collection and probably showcase the full scope and talent of Jim Hall best.

In the early 1960s, Hall was omnipresent in New York: as a companion to Ella Fitzgerald and Ben Webster, with saxophonists Sonny Rollins, Zoot Sims, and Paul Desmond, with pianist Bill Evans and trumpeter Art Farmer, and as sideman on numerous other studio recordings.

From the late 1960s, Hall worked mainly with his own bands. For recordings, he met regularly with his early companions and also recorded with almost all of his most important successors, like Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Bill Frisell.


CD 1

■ Jazz Guitar

1. Stompin' at the Savoy (Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Edgar Sampson) 4.42
2. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Mercer Ellington) 5.50
3. This Is Always (Harry Warren, Mack Gordon) 2.51
4. Thanks for the Memory (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin) 5.19
5. Tangerine (Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger) 4.33
6. Stella by Starlight (Victor Young, Ned Washington) 4.00
7. 9:20 Special (Earle Warren, Jack Palmer, William Engvick) 5.45
8. Deep in a Dream (Jimmy Van Heusen, Eddie DeLange) 4.35
9. Look for the Silver Lining (Jerome Kern, Buddy DeSylva) 5.08
10. Seven Come Eleven (Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian) 4.34
Jim Hall (git) Carl Perkins (p) Red Mitchell (b)
Recorded in Los Angeles, California on January 10 and 24, 1957

■ Bonus: Bill Smith/ Shelly Manne/ Jim Hall/ Monty Budwig Folk Jazz
11. A-Roving (PD) 4.16
12. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (PD) 3.39
13. John Henry (PD) 4.22
14. Wayfaring Stranger (PD) 4.24
15. Three Blind Mice (PD) 3.31
16. Go Down, Moses (PD) 6.47
17. Reuben, Reuben (PD) 3.33

Bill Smith (cl) Jim Hall (git) Monty Budwig (b) Shelly Manne (drs)
Recorded in Los Angeles, California on February 16 and November 24, 1959


CD 2

■ Jim Hall/Red Mitchell/Red Kelly Good Friday Blues

1. Good Friday Blues (Red Mitchell) 6.00
2. Willow Weep For Manfred (Anne Ronnell) 6.26
3. I Remember You (Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger) 7.28
4. Bill Not Phil (Bill Harris) 7.14
5. When I Have You (Red Mitchell) 6.33
6. I Was Doing All Right (George & Ira Gershwin) 4.45

Jim Hall (git) Red Mitchell(p) Red Kelly (b)
Recorded in Los Angeles, California on April 2, 1960

■ Bill Evans Quintet Interplay
7. You And The Night And The Music (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz) 7.04
8. When You Wish Upon A Star (Leigh Harline, Ned Washington) 5.45
9. I'll Never Smile Again (Ruth Lowe) 6.33
10. Interplay (Bill Evans) 8.15
11. You Go To My Head (Haven Gillespie, J. Fred Coots) 5.05
12. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Billy Moll, Harry Barris, Ted Koehler) 6.26

Bill Evans (p) Freddie Hubbard (tp) Jim Hall (git) Percy Heath (b) Philly Joe Jones (dr)
Recorded at Nola Penthouse Studio, New York City on July 16 and 17, 1962


CD 3

■ John Lewis The Wonderful World of Jazz

1. Body and Soul (Frank Eyton, Johnny Green, Edward Heyman, Robert Sour) 15.30
2. I Should Care (Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, Paul Weston) 4.52
3. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (John Lewis) 5.38
4. Afternoon in Paris (John Lewis) 9.58
5. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson) 3.31

John Lewis (p, arr) Herb Pomeroy (tp: 1, 4) Gunther Schuller (frh: 4)
Eric Dolphy (as: 4) Benny Golson (ts: 4) Paul Gonsalves (ts: 1) Jimmy Giuffre (brs: 4)
Jim Hall (git) George Duvivier (b) Connie Kay (drs)
Recorded in New York City on July 29 (2, 3, 5), September 8 (1), and September 9, 1960 (4)

■ Herb Ellis meets Jimmy Giuffre
6. Goose Grease (Herb Ellis, Jimmy Giuffre) 3.05
7. When Your Lover Has Gone (Einar Aaron Swan) 5.57
8. Remember (Giuffre) 7.43
9. Patricia (Art Pepper) 4.06
10. A Country Boy (Ellis) 5.07
11. You Know (Giuffre) 4.32
12. My Old Flame (Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston) 3.33
13. People Will Say We're in Love (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II) 4.54

Herb Ellis (git) Art Pepper, Bud Shank (as) Jimmy Giuffre (ts, arr) Richie Kamuca (ts)
Jim Hall (rhythm git) Lou Levy (p) Joe Mondragon (b) Stan Levey (drs)
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA on March 26, 1959


CD 4

■ Chico Hamilton Quintet feat. Buddy Collette

1. A Nice Day (Buddy Collette) 2.59
2. My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) 4.21
3. Blue Sands (Collette) 6.36
4. The Sage (Fred Katz) 3.38
5. The Morning After (Chico Hamilton) 2.11
6. I Want to Be Happy (Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar) 2.13
7. Spectacular (Jim Hall) 5.17
8. Free Form (Hamilton, Collette, Hall, Katz, Carson Smith) 5.04
9. Walking Carson Blues (Smith) 6.12
10. Buddy Boo (Collette) 5.16

Chico Hamilton (drs) Buddy Collette (ts, as, flute, cl)
Fred Katz (cello) Jim Hall (git) Carson Smith (drs)
Recorded at The Strollers in Long Beach (6-10) on August 4 and Radio Recorders Hollywood (1-5) August 23, 1955

■ John Lewis Grand Encounter
11. Love Me Or Leave Me (Gus Kahn, Donaldson) 8.19
12. I Can't Get Started (Ira Gershwin , Vernon Duke) 3.32
13. Easy Living (Leo Robin, Ralph Rainger) 4.14
14. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (John Lewis) 6.08
15. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer) 3.08
16. Almost Like Being In Love (Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe) 9.29

Bill Perkins (ts) Jim Hall (g) John Lewis (p) Percy Heath (b) Chico Hamilton (dr)
Recorded in Los Angeles on February 10, 1956


CD 5

■ Hampton Hawes Quartet All Night Session! Vol. 1

1. Jordu (Duke Jordan) 7.05
2. Groovin' High (Dizzy Gillespie) 5.44
3. Takin' Care (Hampton Hawes) 8.06
4. Broadway (Billy Bird, Teddy McRae, Henri Wood) 6.51
5. Hampton's Pulpit (Hampton Hawes) 11.17

■ Hampton Hawes Quartet All Night Session! Vol. 3 3
6. Do Nothing till You Hear from Me (Duke Ellington, Bob Russell) 11.00
7. Blues # 33(Hampton Hawes) 7.37
8. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler) 10.57
9. Blues # 4 (Hampton Hawes) 6.19

Hampton Hawes (p) Jim Hall(git) Red Mitchell (b) Eldridge Freeman (drs)
Recorded in Los Angeles, California on November 12 to 13, 1956


CD 6

■ Bob Brookmeyer Kansas City Revisited

1. Jumpin' at the Woodside (Count Basie) 8.01
2. A Blues (Big Miller) 5.05
3. Blue and Sentimental (Count Basie, Jerry Livingston, Mack David) 6.54
4. Doggin' Around (Edgar Battle, Herschel Evans) 8.41
5. Moten Swing (Bennie Moten, Buster Moten) 10.12
6. Travlin' Light (Trummy Young, Jimmy Mundy, Johnny Mercer) 3.34

Bob Brookmeyer (valve tb) Al Cohn, Paul Quinichette (ts) Jim Hall (git) Nat Pierce (p) Addison Farmer (b) Osie Johnson (drs) Big Miller (voc: 2 , 4)
Recorded in NYC on October 23, 1958

■ John Lewis Presents Contemporary Music:
Compositions by Gunther Schuller and Jim Hall
7. Abstraction (Gunther Schuller) 4.09
8. Piece For Guitar & Strings (Jim Hall) 6.24
Variants On A Theme Of John Lewis (Django)
9. Variant I (Gunther Schuller) 5.28
10. Variant II (Gunther Schuller) 1.39
11. Variant III (Gunther Schuller) 3.08
Variants On A Theme Of Thelonious Monk (Criss-Cross)
12. Variant I (Gunther Schuller) 6.22
13. Variant II (Gunther Schuller) 1.50
14. Variant III (Gunther Schuller) 3.48
15. Variant IV (Gunther Schuller) 3.25
Ornette Coleman (as:7, 12 to 15) Eric Dolphy (as, fl, b-cl: 9 to 15) Alvin Brehm (b) (7) George Duvivier (b) (9 to 15), Scott LaFaro (b)
Joseph Tekula (c) Jim Hall (git) Stick Evans (drs: 7, 13 to 19), Robert DiDomenica (9 to 15) Bill Evans (p: 9 to 15), Eddie Costa (vibes: 9 to 15)

Alfred Brown (viola) (8), Harry Zaratzian, Charles Libove, Roland Vamos (v)
Recorded in December 1960


CD 7

■ Paul Desmond First Place Again
1. I Get a Kick Out of You (Cole Porter) 8.41
2. For All We Know (J. Fred Coots, Sam M. Lewis) 5.34
3. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (John Lewis) 7.29
4. Greensleeves (Traditional) 2.06
5. You Go to My Head (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie) 6.29
6. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) (Brooks Bowman) 5.46
7. Time After Time (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn) 6.14

Paul Desmond (as) Jim Hall (git)Percy Heath (b) Connie Kay (drs)
Recorded in New York City on September 5 to 7, 1959

■ The Jimmy Giuffre 3 Trav'lin' Light
8. Trav'lin' Light (Johnny Mercer, Jimmy Mundy, Trummy Young) 4.26
9. The Swamp People (Jimmy Giuffre) 5.37
10. The Green Country (New England Mood) (Jimmy Giuffre) 3.07
11. 42nd Street (Al Dubin, Harry Warren) 6.18
12. Pickin' 'Em Up and Layin' 'Em Down (Jimmy Giuffre) 5.45
13. The Lonely Time (Jimmy Giuffre) 3.56
14. Show Me the Way to Go Home (Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly) 4.41
15. California, Here I Come (Buddy DeSylva, Al Jolson, Joseph Meyer) 2.44

Jimmy Giuffre (cl, ts, brs) Bob Brookmeyer (valve tb) Jim Hall (git)
Recorded in 1958


CD 8

■ Bob Brookmeyer 7x Wilder
1. While We're Young (Alec Wilder, Morty Palitz, William Engvick) 6.13
2. That's the Way It Goes (Alec Wilder, Sid Robin) 4.45
3. The Wrong Blues (Alec Wilder, William Engvick) 4.34
4. It's So Peaceful in the Country (Alec Wilder) 4.06
5. Blues for Alec (Bob Brookmeyer) 6.09
6. I'll Be Around (Alec Wilder) 4.29
7. Who Can I Turn To (Alec Wilder, William Engvick) 4.28

Bob Brookmeyer (valve tb, p) Jim Hall (git) Bill Crow (b) Mel Lewis (drs)
Recorded in New York City on June 29, 1961

■ Buddy Collette and His Swinging Shepherds At the Cinema!
8. Colonel Bogey & River Kwai March (Kenneth J. Alford, Malcolm Arnold) 3.31
9. Laura (David Raksin) 2.41
10. Smile (Charlie Chaplin) 3.10
11. The Bad and the Beautiful (Love Is for the Very Young) (Raksin) 4.14
12. The Shrike (Pete Rugolo) 3.28
13. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me (Jimmy McHugh, Clarence Gaskill) 2.46
14. The Trolley Song (Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane) 1.58
15. Intermezzo (Rugolo) 3.31
16. Ruby (Heinz Roemheld, Mitchell Parish) 3.25
17. Invitation (Bronisław Kaper) 3.56
18. Swinging on a Star (Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke) 2.59

Buddy Collette, Paul Horn, Bud Shank (fl, alto flute, piccolo) Harry Klee (fl, alto flute, bass flute) Jim Hall (git)
Bill Miller (p: 8 to 10, 14, 16), John Williams (p: 11 o 13, 8, 15, 16)
Red Mitchell (b) Earl Palmer (drs: 8 to 10, 14, 16), Shelly Manne (drs: 11 o 13, 8, 15, 16)
Buddy Collette, Paul Horn, Pete Rugolo, Bud Shank (arr)
Recorded in Hollywood, CA on January 10 & 17 and February 21, 1959


CD 9

■ Sonny Rollins The Bridge CD 9
1. Without a Song (Edward Eliscu, Billy Rose, Vincent Youmans) 7.29
2. Where Are You? (Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh) 5.12
3. John S. (Sonny Rollins) 7.44
4. The Bridge (Sonny Rollins) 5.59
5. God Bless the Child (Arthur Herzog Jr., Billie Holiday) 7.30
6. You Do Something to Me (Cole Porter) 6.52

Sonny Rollins (ts) Jim Hall (git) Bob Cranshaw (b) Ben Riley (drs:Recor except 5)
Harry "H.T." Saunders (drs:5)
Recorded in New York City on January 30 (5), February 13 (2, 3, 6) and on February 14, 1962 (1, 4)

■ Zoot Sims New Beat Bossa Nova
7. Recado Bossa Nova Pt. 1 (Matt Antonio, Durval Ferreira) 2.39
8. Recado Bossa Nova Pt. 22(Matt Antonio, Durval Ferreira) 3.00
9. Cano Canoe (Mick Micheyl) 5.39
10. Contando A Orquestra (Sacha Distel, Oscar Peze) 4.11
11. Ciume (Carlos Lyra) 4.16
12. Maria NinguÉEM (Carlos Lyra) 2.40
13. Sem Saudades De Voce (Haroldo Barbosa) 6.04
14. Barquinho De Papel (Carlos Lyra) 2.57

Zoot Sims (ts) Phil Woods (cl) Gene Quill (cl, b-cl) Sol Schlinger (b-cl) Spencer Sinatra (fl, piccolo) Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell (git) Art Davis (b)
Sol Gubin (drs) Ted Sommer (cabasa) Willie Rodriguez (pandeiro) Al Cohn, Manny Albam (arr)
Recorded in New York City, 1962


CD 10

■ Jimmy Giuffre Quartet in Person
1. The Quiet Time (Jimmy Giuffre) 9.31
2. The Crab (Jimmy Giuffre) 8.31
3. My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) 8.01
4. Wee See (Thelonious Monk) 9.25
5. What's New? (Bob Haggart, Johnny Burke) 6.32
6. Two for Timbuctu (Jimmy Giuffre) 7.03

Jimmy Giuffre (cl, ts) Jim Hall (git) Buell Neidlinger (b) Billy Osborne (drs)
Recorded at the Five Spot Café, NYC on July 19, 1960



Genre: Jazz

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