MOGLI - Wanderer - CD

MOGLI - Wanderer - CD

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,Wanderer‘ is Mogli’s first album and soundtrack of her internationally successful film Expedition Happiness, which chronicled the adventures she and her ex-boyfriend had traveling North America for 8 months in a school bus they turned into a tiny house on wheels. Having her piano and guitar on board made it possible to write songs literally in the middle of nowhere. The result is haunting. Some songs incorporate the epic vastness and depth of nature while others are like a window to her inner self. Her melancholic songs are often arranged with bold drums, timbal sounds and choirs, but her folky melodies sometimes only need a Grand Piano. With her fragile yet intense voice Mogli takes you to far away places.


1. Winter Sun
2. Road Holes
3. Earth
4. Milky Eyes
5. Two Lungs
6. Alaska
7. Riverside
8. Wanderer
9. Waterfall
10. Flood
11. Spirits
12. Lost
13. Walls
14. Outro