Dave Stewart - Ebony McQueen - Limited Edition Triple Album Box Set

Dave Stewart - Ebony McQueen - Limited Edition Triple Album Box Set

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Written and produced by Dave Stewart, EBONY MCQUEEN tells a great modern life story, loosely based on Stewart’s own biography. “A boy at the crossroads is visited by a living, breathing manifestation of the blues, setting in motion an extraordinary journey that will take him from his teenaged bedroom in the northern English city of Sunderland to stages and studios in London, Nashville, the Caribbean, and countless places in between”, as the plot goes. The 26 songs were recorded at Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studio and his own Bay Street Recording Studio in the Caribbean, with contributions from an array of top vocalists, session players, and a 60-piece Orchestra. The joyful, rousing score brings together Stewart’s seminal early inspirations – his father’s Rogers & Hammerstein records, Robert Johnson’s blues, and the mind-blowing sounds of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones...

EBONY MCQUEEN is more than Dave Stewart’s own story – it’s for everyone whose lives have been steered by the redemptive magic of music and mysterious power of love.


Box-Set including: 3x 12" Vinyl , 2x 7" Vinyl , 2x Cassette Tapes and many more specials. 



1. Quaalude Prelude
2. Ebony Mcqueen
3. When You're Feeling Down
4. She Knows My Name
5. As You Like It 6. Walking on Blue
7. People Change
8. Unhappy Town
9. Things Will Never Be the Same (without You)
10. Mr Jolly
11. There's Got to Be a Devil
12. Walking on Thin Air
13. Ebony Says
14. Daddy's Got the Blues
15. One Morning
16. Baby Did It Blow Our Minds
17. Sunshine
18. Juniper
19. Baby It's You
20. Waiting for the Rain
21. What's the Fucking Point
22. Two Kids
23. Jackie Where You Been
24. Dream On
25. Ebony Dream
26. Loada Coda